About Me


I have a M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering, a M.Sc. degree in Industral Engineering and an MBA degree. I also benefited from a large number of additional courses at Business Schools , as the Antwerp Management School such as the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, the Manchester Busines School, the Institute of Directors - Guberna, the Institute for Independent Business (London) and L'Institut de transition et Changement (Paris).

In 2001 I obtained an Executive Master in Interim management at the Antwerp Management School (UAMS) with a dissertation on crisis management publicized in the book "The Interim Manager in practice" written by Prof. J.A.M. Reijniers.

During the last 30 years, I went through different management levels in many small and medium sized entreprises, amongst others also family businesses. I was also the founder and managing director (during 12 years) of a softwarec company, specialized in financial and ERP applications.

In the meantime I'm already active for more than 15 years as an interim and transition manager in a number of manufacturing companies. By doing this I built an extensive experience in a wide palette of management domains, like strategy building and execution, business and product development, managing production and planning, finance and management reporting, costing, human resources, general management, lean manufacturing, Quick Response Manufacturing, Governance, etc... All 'interim / transition management' assignments were focussed on crisis, transition, turnarounds, restructuring, bottom level improvements and change. I have fulfilled assignments as well in Belgium as abroad (Eastern-Europe).


Transition & Change Management:

  • Lapproche interactionnelle et stratègique de Palo Alto
    L'institut Gregory Bateson (Liège, Belgium) - MRI (Palo Alto, USA) - 2012
  • Transition & Change,
    L’Institut de transition et de changement – Paris (2011)

    Solving complex problems or problematic situations (crisis/conflict/restructuration or transformation),

    applying the Palo Alto/systemic approach based methodology

  • Change Management,
    UAMS – Belgium Antwerp (2003)


  • Director Effectiveness
    GUBERNA-Vlerick / Institute of Directors (2011)
  • Board Effectiveness
    GUBERNA-Vlerick / Institute of Directors (2010)

Interim Management:

  • Master Class Interim Management
    Vlerick Management School – Belgium Gent (2003)
  • Executive Master in Interim Management
    UAMS – Belgium Antwerp (2001)

Business Coaching:

  • Executive Coaching
    Carl Gould – USA (2011)
  • Accredited Associate IIB
    The Institute for Independent Business – London (2010)

General Management:

  • Finance for Managers
    Manchester Busines School – UK Manchester (1986)
  • Master in Financial Management
    VLEKHO – Belgium Brussels (1983)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    Vlerick Business School – Belgium Leuven (1981)
  • Master of Science in Industrial management (ir. ib)
    KU Leuven – Belgium Leuven (1976)
  • Master of Science in Electro-Mechanics (ir. ew)
    KU Leuven – Belgium Leuven (1975)