Transition & Change management


  • An expert in transition management

I'm a transition manager whose goal it is to take over the management of a subsidiary, department, project, in order to solve operational problems that prevent it from moving forward.

Throughout my life, I have earned valuable general and functional management expertise.

I operate worldwide on behalf of medium size businesses, major groups and investment funds.

Esteemed as an experienced professional, often combining dual functional and general management experience, I'm primarily an individual used to change. In addition, I'm used to deal with emergencies and I'm able to make decisions in tense situations or when confronted with dead ends within demoralized and demotivated teams.

I like nothing more than challenges, bottlenecks, last-resort solutions...

I provide management expertise and experience to companies and stakeholders who are burdened with severe difficulties or critical continuity threats, or when strategic and / or operational changes are necessary, but are facing serious resistance.


  • Transition & Change management

Transition and change management is a new powerful management approach to optimize businesses. It is a new extreme flexible instrument adopted to the specific needs of organizations.

The transition manager adds value through his strong competences, his total impact, his maturity, diverse experiences, but without burdening the company for a long time with fixed costs.

The transition manager is an experienced professional, immediately operational, whose responsibility is described in a detailed mission document, which includes the objectives and the timing for the mission entrusted to him.


  • Transition management versus interim management

Transition management: The intervention of a transition manager is usually required when the company's strategy needs to be changed urgently. The transition manager is responsible for changing and getting the business back on the rails.

Interim management: An interim manager is responsible for observing 'ad interim' the duties of an existing executive who is temporarily unable to exercise his functions. His jurisdiction does generally not extend beyond the mere maintenance of a situation to which he is committed. It is not in the interim manager's task to innovate or to make changes, though he may indeed make proposals.

Renaat Vanheessen is specialized in transition management.


  • Who appoints a transition manager?

A transition manager is usually appointed by a banker, investors, board of directors or by the management.


  • Why choosing an external transition manager to guide the change?

An external transition manager can act without emotions and consequently he can work objectively and transparently at all levels of an organization. In addition, he has no connection with the organization. He has not recruited current employees, he did not produce the products himself and he did not define the markets in which the company is selling.

He can reshape all parts of the organization if necessary to meet agreed targets, without endangering his initial options. For the same reason, the assignment of a transition manager, is by definition of short duration (a typical mission does not take longer than 18 months).


  • What does a transition management mission look like in practice?

The client and the transition manager sign a contract and a 'mission statement' that summarizes the client's expectations and describes the situation as perceived by the client.

After a short time, usually defined in the contract, the transition manager presents his observations and findings to the customer, offering him a summary of the actions and a planning in which he intends to solve the problems.

The job only really starts when the transition manager and the client have agreed on the methodology and the resources that should be employed to meet the agreed targets.

The transition manager is required to periodically report to the client about the evolution of the company situation.

In most cases, the transition manager recruits and trains a successor who will take over his function after completing his assignment.

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