Transition Management

What is meant by Transition Management:

“The management process by which qualified professionals are made available to organizations with the objective to perform a specific mission regarding transition, transformation, crisis or conflict. These missions include operational tasks that are extremely urgent, limited in time and aimed at helping organizations to unlock complex problematic situations that arise during the existence of the organization."

 (Source: Edouard Melloul, L’Institut de transition et de changement, Paris)

A transition manager:

  • has a varied professional experience in general management and/or in one or more operational management positions, including several years in complex situations and environments;
  • has the skills and qualities of a generalist and masters a methodological approach both in terms of interventions and in terms of managing change within human systems that are subject to constraints:
  • enters into a commitment within a contractual relationship, which require the transition manager toassess the client's professional challenges, including the consequences, without being an expert in the subject / specialization of the person / company;
  • is an expert in processes and organizational transformation;
  • has extensive methodological skills that enables him to monitor the intervention framework for the entire duration of the assignment; 


Renaat Vanheessen as transition manager

After graduating in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, Master of Business Administration and after more than 30 years of professional activity, Renaat Vanheessen (°1951) has built up a theoretical and practical experience.

  • 10 years in various organizations, multinationals and large companies in the industry and services sector in Belgium. 
  • 12 years as entrepreneur and founder of a software company for administrative industrial applications with offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. 
  • More than 10 years as an interim and transition manager for medium-sized companies, administrations, organizations and SME's in Belgium and Eastern-Europe.

Through his career, he developed a rich toolbox of diverse skills in terms of vision and analysis. These allow him to come to actions and tangible and rapid results, in a systematical and out-of-the-box way.


‘I set you on the right course…

… and make sure that you never loose your direction.

I push you to top performance…

… and make sure that you get where you want to go.’